Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life's a Dance

As I have said before just as any other husband or wife has, my husband and I have had to work really hard on our marriag! I won't go into our own demons and strife we have had to deal with right now, because right now is not the time; but I do have to say that with all we have been handed in life, we are just learnin' how to dance.  I love my husband with all my heart.  Like all of us, he has had his own hand dealt to him that he has had to learn and work from. 

The past few months we have been taken completely out of our comfort zones, and to be honest sometimes it is hard to do what God calls us to do.  We have been reminded through many scriptures and sermons lately, that God does not call you to do what is easy, He calls you to do His works; and most often times it is through things that are "hard" so that we know that we are not doing it in our own strength, but His.  If we had to do things in our strength, we would fall flat our our face, but through Him, all things are possible. 

We were reminded of that just this weekend.  There were a lot of things going on.  Ryan's grandma was admitted to the hospital, and it was very serious.  Alice Swick (Ryan's grandma) is one of the sweetest and most Godly women I have ever met.  She is a rock for her family, and one that we can all rely on, she really is just an inspiration; so this weekend, with the book signing, family get-togethers, etc. and with her going into the hospital, it was a tough feat for all this weekend.  Emotions were high, everyone was scared, and all were completely taken out of their comfort zones.  Ryan and I all of a sudden were slapped back into four years ago.

I took my anxiety, hurt, and fears out on him, and he me.  We just took one step forward, to have to take two steps back; but....life's a dance.  I love that man more than any other human out there.  He is my rock, my provider, my security; as far as humans go; don't get me wrong I know all that God can and does do for us; but as my husband he really is amazing to me. 

Sometimes though, we falter, sometimes we lose some of the hard work we have put in it for four years because of hurtful words, anger, and emotions; it happens to the best of us, and Ryan and I are no different.  Sometimes I think we just need to learn how to dance.

So tonight, I am going to love my husband like no hurtful words were said, I will be his shoulder, his rock, and yes even his sounding board if that's what I need to be for him, because after all this is our dance, and we are learning as we go.

Ryan and I are still learning how to dance, we are still learning how to be "adults".  We are still young, and a lot of times people don't see us as adults, they see us as their children.  I am sure it is hard to see your own children growing as adults, with their own children, their own trials, and their own faith.  Ryan's mom is an amazing woman, just like his grandma is.  This is the song Ryan danced to with his mom at our wedding.  I think we are all still just learning how to dance...because that's life, just a dance we learn as we go. 

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