Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thank You Lord for another Birthday

I have so much in my life to be thankful for, but today I am most thankful for another birthday.  Thank you Lord for allowing us to celebrate another birthday with our happy, healthy, spunky little Jacob.  While birthday's are a little more difficult now since Justin went to Heaven, they are also that much more special to us too.
 It used to be that birthdays were just a fun day to celebrate with cake, candles, ice cream, and presents; room full of balloons and streamers hanging from the door.  Not anymore.  Now it is a whole new celebration, a celebration of thanks that we are so blessed to have our children with us and that we are able to celebrate the day of their birth with them.  And as I think about how fortunate we are, I also think about all the love I have for my children, and how it compares to the love Jesus has for all of us.
 Lately I have heard of a few situations where people have done some things out of character and how we are generally so quick to judge and condemn them, until it happens to one of our friends.  I can fully admit that I am still learning, the Lord is still teaching me lessons everyday.  Lately it has been how to love people like Jesus.  I have faltered, I have said hurtful things, I have sinned, so I am here to tell you that while I don't always agree with what people do, including my own children, I still will love them through it.  Everyone deserves prayers, and even if their actions are unthinkable; and we don't understand why things happen;  Jesus died for them just as much as he died for me and for you. 
So I am working on loving not only my children the way Jesus loves his children, but also to love and care for everyone the way Jesus does.  I will continue to falter, until the day I am called to be with Jesus and Justin, but I promise, Lord to learn and to listen to all that you want to teach me, and thank you for allowing me to grow in my faith, and for allowing me another priceless birthday with Jacob.  I love you.

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