Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A rainbow horse???????

So, I was talking to my aunt last night who had just finished reading Heaven Is For Real. She raises horses and was talking of course about the "rainbow" horse that Colton talks about in the book. She also said how neat it will be to see if Riley continues to tell us things, considering that little boy talked about it for 6 years before they wrote the book. I had told her that I didn't know if he would or not, considering I had prayed that if he was going to be scared of the bad things he saw that it would be okay if he didn't remember. And that we have tried to talk to Riley a few times since and he hasn't said anything more. Well today I asked him, I said, "Riley, you know how you told us that you were playing with bubbles the night that Justin died?" he said "yeah", So I said, "Who was with you?" (he had already told us before that he was with Jesus and I wanted to see if his story was the same). He told me he was with Jesus, I asked him where they were, he said Jesus's home, so I asked him where Jesus lives, thinking he would say the church because every time we drive by the church he asks if that's where Jesus lives, and we tell him yes, that's Jesus' house, that's where we go to learn about Jesus, but he didn't he said, "in the clouds". But then even after he said it it seemed to confuse him, he goes but I thought Jesus's house was at Church, so of course I went on to tell him that that is the amazing thing about Jesus, He does live in the church, because that is where people gather to learn about him, but he also has a home in the clouds, you're right, and that's Heaven, that's where Justin lives with Jesus, and he also lives in our hearts, that's how we know he is always with us. Then I asked him if there was anyone else with him and he told me a little boy, he had been riding his bike and got hit by a car and he was going home to heaven to live with his dad. (this part I'm not so sure about, we just had a little boy die that went to a daycare I used to work at, he had been riding his tricycle and his dad accidentally hit him with the truck and the little boy died, he may have heard me telling someone about it, I don't know) then he said there was a little girl there too that died in a car accident (this is in the book). I asked him if he knew their names, he didn't, and I didn't ask him anymore about them. I did ask though, I said Riley does Jesus have a horse? He told me no. but then went on to tell me that "he has a pony, it's not my size", I said oh was it too little for you, he told me "no, that it was way too big for me", (so he must know that there is a difference in size between a pony and a horse, but has them backwards, thinking that a pony is bigger than a horse). I asked him what color the horse was? Thinking again that he would tell me brown, or black, or white, (my step-dad has miniture horses and he has been around them, he knows what color horses are) but his reply was, "red, purple, blue, orange..." A rainbow horse???? Sounds familiar! :)

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