Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Thursday, April 26, 2012

SIDS/SUID and Vaccinations

I stumbled across something today...seriously stumbled on it.  I was not looking for answers, and I fully trust in God's timing and plans for each of our lives, including our childrens.  As I was browsing one of my all time favorite sites today (pinterest), I came across a pin about vaccinations.  I have a few friends I know of who have opted out of getting their children vaccinated, but I had never really talked to any of them about their choices and why they made that decision.  I decided I would click on this pin and see what it as all about.  I wasn't ever thinking I would come across so much viable information.  The first site I came to was one of autism, I knew that that was a big factor in a lot of the decision making when it comes to parents deciding on whether or not to vaccinate their children; this I was expecting to come across.  As I read further though, I was directed to another website regarding the effects of vaccinations; this one had to do with SIDS, and the correlation between when most children pass away of SIDS (between 2 and 4 months) and when they receive certain vaccinations, (DPT).  I got to thinking about when Justin got his shots, and realized it was just a while prior.  The DPT vaccination is the one that contains the pertussis vaccination (whooping cough).

Justin was small for his age, being that he was 5 weeks early and had to have a dose of surfactant due to this.  I was a few weeks late on getting Justin his shots, but the night we came home, he had a slight fever, (normal), and then later developed a cough.  The night he developed the cough he passed away.  Up until that night he was a very healthy boy, gaining weight like a champ.  Remember we had just gone to the dr. a couple weeks before, and had no health problems what-so-ever.  This got me curious and I went back to look at Riley and Jacob's baby books, to see if I had written anything in theirs when they got their shots.  Jacob was a few months behind on his shots and didn't get his first DPT until close to 5 months.  My notes in his baby book were, reaction: Fever for two days, I remember that fever, it was awful and we thought about taking him to the hospital for it.  Shortly after that he was placed on nebulizer treatments.  I fully believe that it could have had a worse effect had he gotten his shots on time, seeing as how he was also a nicu baby, who developed respitory distress caused by a very hard, and extended labor.  I had never put two and two together until I started reading up more on this.

Vaccines are full of toxins, arsenic, lead, and mercury being among them.  Here you do everything possible to have a healthy pregnancy, which I did, all of my pregnancies were very healthy; but we try to not consume anything that could be potentially harmful to the baby, this including anything and everything except tylenol and prenatal vitamins, so why is that they get these vaccinations so soon in life, before they ever leave the hospital they are already given a vaccine for Hib, and they are given around 18 vaccinations before they reach a year old! Vaccines have been linked to Autism, ADHD, RSV, and SIDS. 

I am not sure about all this, but I know I will be doing my own research and talking with people who know more about this subject than I do, so that I can make my own educated decision on whether to continue with vaccinations for our older children.  As far as future children go, we will NOT have them be injected with anything within the first year of life for sure, maybe even longer. I encourage all of you with young kids to do your own research before you get your kids vaccinated.  I am not saying it is wrong, I just want our kids to be as healthy as they can. Also, if you are someone who knows a little more about this, please let me know your thoughts and personal decisions as to why you do or not get your children vaccinated.  I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on all of this as we are doing our own research and making our own decisions.  I think it is definitely something worth looking into and educating ourselves on.  Also if you have a child who passed away due to SIDS/SUID when did they receive their last shots? It might be something to look into.  Once again, I am NOT looking for someone to place blame on, nor am I beating myself up on this.  IT is what it is and I trust God's plan and timing.  I just want to make sure that I am making the best decisions for my children here on out, with both Riley and Jacob, and any other future children we may have. 

Update: April 27, 2012  I talked with the dr. office that administered the vaccinations he was given Hib, IPV, Dtap, PCV, Heb B, and Rota, all of these were given on the same day; July 25, 2011, Justin passed away 2 weeks later. Here is the information I found last night:

 A Close Look at the DPT Vaccine
In case you want to choose to not get one of the vaccines here is further information on the DPT vaccine (diphtheria-pertussis-tetanus toxoid). They found that two-thirds of the babies that died of SIDS had gotten the DPT vaccine. Of these, 6.5% died within 12 hours of vaccination; 13% within 24 hours; 26% within 3 days; 37% within a week; 61% within 2 weeks and 70% within 3 weeks.

DPT and Dtap, are different vaccines, but both prove to have a correlation with SIDS and other serious side effects.  In Japan they started administering the Dtap at 2 years of age, rather than 2 months and the number of infant deaths went down drastically.

Here are a couple sites that explains more on the correlation between SIDS and vaccinations.  http://www.thinktwice.com/sids.htm


  1. I had no idea that doctors would pump babies full of vaccines and chemicals so soon after birth. After preaching to mothers to take nothing, no alcohol, cigarettes, or even over-the-counter medications for fear of the risk to the baby, they suddenly do the opposite of their own advice and pump shot after shot into babies. I remember that each time I’ve gotten a tetanus shot, even as an adult, it makes my entire arm sore for several days. Add the diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough) to the tetanus of DPT and that’s quite a horrible mix. I’m very familiar with pertussis, it isn’t a great risk or so serious of a disease. Since the baby won’t be out stepping on nails any time soon, I think the tetanus could wait a while too. Diphtheria, I can’t remember anyone getting that since the pioneer families. I hope folks will stop blindly following doctors (or anyone) and begin doing research and thinking for themselves.

  2. Hi Mary,

    I just saw your blog post on Great Mothers Questioning Vaccines. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Justin. I lost a little boy in June 2010, he was stillborn and died the day before he was due. His name was Jonas. He was not vaccine injured but my oldest son was when he received his 4 month old shots in 2007. It's a long story, but I went down the road of researching vaccines like you and was so shocked.

    I just want you to know that I strongly believe as you do, "...I fully trust in God's timing and plans for each of our lives, including our childrens." I know Jonas was meant to die the way he did, there is nothing I could have done to change that. I do believe as well that with my oldest son being vaccine injured and Jonas passing away lead me on a path to help others.

    My 3rd son Joe was also a NICU baby. I had so many doctors look at his chart and notice that I opted out of the Hep B vaccine. They asked why and questioned when it will be administered to Joe. I told every single rotating Pediatrician..."You say my son has a lung disease, why in the world would I introduce toxins into his system at this time especially for a disease I know I do not have and he is not in any danger of having sex or getting stuck by a meth needle?" Every doctor looked at me and said good point. I think they are so accustom to just pump out the vaccines like a factory. They are not one size fits all especially when it comes to premies. You made such a great point about surfactant. I never even thought of that till now. I wonder if there has ever been a study done with the effects of the DPT vaccine injected into infants that have been administered surfactant in the NICU? Probably not and I should figure out who to contact about that. There could be so many different drug interactions.

    My heart is breaking for you and please know I am here to help you in anyway.