Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Sister (the real writer)

If any of you have read Justin's Jesus (the full story) it says in there that I have never been much of a writer, until God placed Justin's Jesus in my hands of course.  However, I cannot take credit for Justin's Jesus, I am simply the hands that type the words that the Lord has given me to put down, to not only help others get through a hard time, but for myself as well.  My older sister on the other hand has always been an excellent writer.  In high school she had books upon books filled with poems she had written.  She has always had a knack for expressing her feelings so eloquently and reaching readers with heart felt words and expressions that a reader could get lost in. 

I have always been close to all my sisters, but Kandi and I have had more ups and downs than the rest of us.  There were a lot of times I didn't agree with some of choices she was making for herself and I told her so(most times distastefully) on numerous occasions.  I am sorry for this. 

Kandi has had a lot of really hard struggles in her life and at times couldn't seem to catch a break, even from her own sister's judgement.  I was in wrong.  I would like to tell you all how very proud I am of her.  She had been battling a long hard stuggle with addiction, and sometimes it seemed to all of us that the addiction had consumed her life so much that there was no turning back, forgetting that God is bigger than struggles, problems, and even the strongest of addictions.  What a great and powerful God we have.  Since Justin's death, Kandi has turned her life around.  Kandi Iwant you to know that you are a wonderful sister, a great mother, and an all around beautiful person.  I am so proud of you, and thank you! 

Here is Kandi's letter to Justin 

To My Sweet Nephew, Justin Ryker Swick,
Since you left for Heaven, the lives of those you touched have been better because of you. Our faith has grown stronger, our families have grown closer, and our hearts have grown more thankful. You were, and continue to be, a blessing in more ways than any of us could ever have imagined. Only He could have known what you would do for all of those who knew you and I know that He knew you were exactly what all of us needed.

For me, your short life and sudden passing brought a new beginning, opening my eyes to the value of life. Prior to your passing, I was consumed by addiction, barely surviving every day. I took unnecessary chances, gambling with not only mine, but the lives of others as well. I hurt those I loved without reason. I took life for granted, every day putting myself, my son, and complete strangers at risk. I was weak, thoughtless, and unworthy. It was through you, Justin, that God touched me. Since your passing I have been sober. I treasure every day like it is my last. My relationships with my family have grown stronger than ever, and my son has the mother he always deserved. Though I miss you tremendously and wish every day that I could hold you again, I feel certain that if it were not for your life, I might not be here today.

Your life, though far shorter than any of us desired, had such an incredible impact on our livelihoods, that your memory will live forever in our hearts and on our lips. Your story will be told for generations, by family, by friends, and by strangers, as the boy who brought us closer to God and to each other.

My love forever,
Aunt Kandi

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