Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas In Heaven

Christmas is my very favorite time of the year.  I love the lights, the music, the church services, and especially the faces of my children on Christmas morning.  This year is obviously going to be a little different.  Though I should be heart broken, and in a way still am, I could not think of a better way to spend Christmas than with Jesus himself.  I could wallow in self-pity that we don't get to see Justin's face on his very first Christmas, watch him try to upwrap gifts, or play with wrapping paper and boxes, but I'm not going to.  I am talking myself out of every sorrowful emotion that crosses my heart tonight.  Instead I am focusing on the fact that Christmas on Earth, could not even compare to spending it in the arms of Jesus Christ himself. 

On Christmas morning, we usually wake up to  see what Santa brought us, have a little family Christmas, eat a yummy meal, and spend the day with family.  If things were "normal" we would have Justin here with us, so we are going to make sure we involve him.  While we are still going to do everything we generally do on Christmas morning, this Christmas will also include a trip to the cememtery, which again could be a little depressing, but instead of focusing on that we are going to make it a joyous occasion, where are whole family can be together, even if it is just for a few moments. 

Sprinkles, (our magic Elf on the Shelf), is leaving us for an entire year tonight when he rides back to the North Pole with Santa to help get things ready for next Christmas; so tonight he brought the boys parting gifts, which included a little stepping stone maker where you make and design your own stepping stone.  He brought them this specifically so that they could take something to Justin on Christmas morning that could stay with him forever. 

I love that there are things we can do to encourage joyful feelings instead of heart break on days that are meant to be joyous, such as Christmas.  Again, what a beautiful sight it would be to celebrate Jesus' birthday with him!!! So, with that, Happy Birthday Jesus, and Merry Christmas Justin!!! I hope Christmas in Heaven is the most miraculous thing ever!!!

Wishing you all a VERY Merry Christmas!!!! From---The Swicks!!

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