Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Iowa SIDS Foundation

I didn't realize until I was posting my last blog about publishing that I hadn't posted since I went off on my tangent about the Iowa SIDS Foundation.  I need to tell you that I talked to the lady who is in charge of sending out materials to families, DHS, hospitals, etc.  She was so sweet!! She explained to me that there are different materials that go out to different sources.  There is a packet for grieving parents, one solely on prevention given to hospitals, and another for DHS and other services.  They try to make sure that the one for grieving parents doesn't deal with the "reducing the risks" side of SIDS, however when she looked back it is in their main pamphlet that has a lot to do with "prevention", sadly this was the first thing I grabbed, (and the last until I cooled down).  She and the board had not realized that about the main pamphlet and she was taking it to them right away to discuss making a specific pamphlet for grieving parents that does NOT involve reducing the risks.  She was very sincere and apologetic.  I have to give thanks to the Iowa SIDS Foundation for the rest of the materials provided.  It is because of some of the resources sent that we were able to get the ball rolling on the publication of Justin's Jesus.  The director is also assisting with getting everything arranged for the "Walk" Stolzman Photography will be putting on near Justin's first birthday.  So all in all, the Iowa SIDS Foundation has been a blessing and I am so glad that because I did get a little heated :)  that they are looking into changing that part of their packet so other parents don't have to deal with that on top of everything else.  Crazy how things work :) That something I was so upset about turned out to be again one of the biggest steps in getting to publication, what a blessing! Thank you Iowa SIDS Foundation.

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