Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A dream I never dreamed

I have a met an amazing lady this past year, who is so willing to help me with getting Justin's Jesus available to the public and in helping us reach those who may like to read our story, Jenna has been so helpful and extremely patient, while I took a week off from everything.

One day I had called a local bookstore after talking with WestBow about marketing, and deciding that their marketing plans were WAY over our budget!  I had called just to get a little advice about how I would go about possibly getting Justin's Jesus available locally.  I was blessed that Jenna was working that day, even though it wasn't her scheduled day.  Her parents own the local bookstore, The Living Well, and she is helping me with the marketing, and they now have Justin's Jesus available at their store.  (So if you are in the Iowa Falls/Alden area....be sure to hit up The Living Well!) 

We went to Iowa Falls this morning, and as I walked into the store and saw my book on the shelves, something hit me, "You know it's like a dream come true, that I never even dreamed!" There are peopel out there that dream of having their books on store shelves, even just one store, and it is a lifelong goal of theirs to get a book published.  I was not one of those people, however I wish them all the best of luck, it was an amazing feeling!  Don't get me wrong, if I could change our story I would in heartbeat to have Justin with us, although then again, why would I want to keep him from something as amazing as Heaven, but I'm selfish. :)  Either way, I did not dream of ever writing a book, getting my book published, or seeing it on store shelves, but all of a sudden it was a dream come true, in a way, I just didn't realize it. 

After I spent the week at my mom's we had decided to meet Ryan in Des Moines at Barnes and Noble, which is about half way inbetween Alden, and Princeton (where my mom lives) so that no one had to drive too far, since I rode down with my sister and didn't have a car.  While Ryan was waiting on me, (it seems like he has to wait on me a lot! :) ) There was actually a young woman who came into the Barnes and Noble and requested to order a copy of Justin's Jesus.  What are the odds?? Again, I was so excited to hear this, when it was something I never even imagined!!!

So once again thank you all for getting the word out about Justin's Jesus.  I am blessed that our baby in Heaven is doing such amazing things on earth.  I truly am blessed to be his mommy!!

A VERY special thank you as well to THE LIVING WELL!!! Thank you so much for that experience today!  Thank you SO much for putting our story on your shelves!!! Thank you Thank you, especially to Jenna!  I am glad God put you in the store the day I called! 

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