Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


For my Florida and other southern state friends!
Sorry for posting twice in one day, but I forgot to mention in my last blog that Books-A-Million now carries Justin's Jesus online, which also means that you are able to go into the store and have them order if for you, if you are not wanting to order it online.  Here is the link to their website http://www.booksamillion.com/search?id=5287278132292&query=Mary+Swick&where=book_author
BOOKS A MILLION CUSTOMERS that have tried or would like to try to order Justin's Jesus through them. I talked to the manager in Port Charlotte, FL, here is what he said. If you come into the store and ask them to order it from booksamillion.com (make sure to say that :) ) he will be able to order it for you and have it shipped to the store. :) His name was Mike
Thank you all for your continued support!

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