Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SIDS "Awareness?"

I'm going to take a break, for just a moment, from my postings about Justin's Jesus to ask a few questions.  I don't mean these questions to be mean, or to come across snotty.  I know I had a whole tangent in an earlier blog about SIDS awareness and prevention, but that is not what I mean by this blog.  These are legitimate questions I have about SIDS awareness, that I am hoping, maybe someone who reads the blog, or someone who is active in SIDS awareness campaigns, could clear up for me. 

I just can't seem to wrap my head around what SIDS "awareness" or even "reducing the risks" really means.  Are we making people "aware" that SIDS is out there?  And if that's the case, what's the motive or reason for it?  Once again, I don't mean this to offend anyone, I am just curious.  I don't understand what making people "aware" of SIDS is supposed to do, and I guess I don't understand what we are hoping the outcome will be by making them "aware" that sometimes a baby goes to sleep and doesn't wake up.  Won't that just make them fearful to put their babies to sleep?  Or to even get some sleep themselves? 

And "reducing the risks", what does that mean also?  I guess all that I have been told, and all that I have read about SIDS, is that there is no cause, therefore there can be no prevention, and no way to "reduce the risks"?  We don't know what the "risks" are, really, do we? If we knew the risks, wouldn't we know the cause, and in turn have a way to prevent it? 

I do have a lot of questions, and I am not guaranteed those answers; or to understand why things happen the way they do; just like anyone else on this earth.  There are things that happen in ALL of our lives, that we just aren't sure why they do.  God doesn't promise us answers, He doesn't promise rainbows and sunshine all the time, He promises to carry us through our trials, tribulations, and to comfort us when we are hurting.  So I am not necessarily concerned with getting all my questions answered as to why Justin went to Heaven on Aug. 11, with only spending very little time with his mommy, daddy, and brothers; I know that those questions, don't always have an answer. I am just concerned that by making people "aware" we are ultimately making them fearful, gaurded, and not able to enjoy their children fully, because like me, some can let fear totally consume their lives at times.

 I also feel that saying that there is a way to "reduce the risks" would make people think that if they do everything "right" it couldn't happen to them, and that's not the case; or telling other parents whose baby did pass away due to SIDS that they did something "wrong".  I just don't feel that is right or fair to either parties.  And ultimately by saying that there is a way to reduce the risks, we are saying that there is a "prevention" but once again, if there is no cause, how can there be a prevention, or even a way to reduce the risks?  Once again, please don't feel attacked by this post, I truely am just a curious mother.  So if you do know more on this subject, please let me know, I could be wrong in all of this, these are just some questions weighing on my mind lately.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

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