Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stepping Stones

We are getting ready for our first book signing!!!!! Tomorrow I will be joining three other authors at the Stepping Stones Christian Bookstore in Marshalltown, Iowa from 11AM-1PM, and then in Grinnell at the Stepping Stones Christian Bookstore there from 3PM-5PM, if you are in the area we would LOVE to see you, even if you just want to stop in and say, "Hi".

While I am very excited, I am (really) nervous as well, so many things to think about; what to wear, how to do my hair, how early to be, what to write in the books, what to say... All of this running through my head, even though, I know it really doesn't matter how I do my hair... :) 

There have been so many things that have drastically changed in our lives in the past year, I think it is very fitting that the first bookstore we do a signing at is named, "Stepping Stones".  That's where I feel I am in life right now, I just jumped onto a new stepping stone, that God so carefully placed, just so, just for me. 

First I had the opportunity to work from home, and after Justin passed away, it was a GREAT outlet for me to be home with the boys, but focus on editing pictures and getting caught up, I am so thankful that God gave me that job, just at that time.  Then when Justin's Jesus took off much quicker and bigger than we had EVER anticipated, it was time to make another choice.  Ryan and I talked about our future, the future of Justin's Jesus, and our own lives day to day.  With being home with the boys, new book signings in the works, traveling, and all that goes along with it, God showed us that Justin's Jesus really needs to be our focus right now.  My dad had said to me, 'You know Justin's Jesus has a "shelf life", it will not always be in it's hayday, and there really is a small window of  opportunity to work with it."  He was right especially with the story being so near and dear to our hearts it is important to us to take the opportunity God has presented us with and  hopefully plant a seed of peace in other's hearts; it was time to jump to a new stepping stone in my life. 

Sadly, I knew that it was coming and that God was telling me it was time, but I didn't do a very good job of listening, until he made it very clear what my next step had to be.  Sometimes I get that way; even if I know what I am supposed to do and ultimately being told what to do; I am just too hard-headed sometimes, and God has to give me that little extra push to jump off the edge and do his will not my own. 

In fact, Ryan and I were just talking about this last night, and that's exactly what I got out of the sermon tonight.  I have things I need to work on...again that's why I'm on this side of Heaven, there will always be room to grow, things to change, and a way to develop as a person, a christian, and as a child of God, but I am so glad that He takes the time to help me along, and even give me that little extra push to jump to the next stepping stone.

So tonight I am so very, very thankful for a loving God that forgives stubbornness, and even my inablility to always listen, and also that He knows just the way to get me to listen. I promise to try to do a better job at listening the first time.  :)  I am also very excited for this brand new journey! Tomorrow is a whole new experience that I am blessed to get to learn and grow from.

 Once again if you are in the area, please stop by and say, "hello" at our very first book signing, on a brand new stepping stone!!!! 

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