Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Sunday, March 4, 2012

He Is THE Answer!

I have been reminded a few times this week, who I am.  Even though there have been things that have been difficult and words that try to bring me down, the Lord has been there to remind me that I am His, His creation, and His child.  I was first reminded of this on Monday as I was leaving the Beth Moore Bible Study that I am in.  On the side of the workbook, Beth Moore asks if you realize that Jesus not only died for you on the cross, but that He took your place on that cross?  I had to ponder this a LOT, did I realize that He took my place?  I was a human with a sinful, lost heart, I deserved to be on that cross.  I deserve that humilation, that beating, that crucifixion, I deserve the weight of the world, but instead my Holy, sinless Father, took my place.  He took mercy on my soul, and on yours, and instead of placing me on that cross, He took that cross for me.

 He took the cross not only to save my soul, so that I could live in His light eternally, but he took the cross so that I wouldn't have to.  By His grace and mercy, I have been spared, and only He could do that. Shouldn't that be enough? He saved me from the pits of Hell, from a life full of beatings, and humility, and covered me with His grace and poured out His unfailing love.  He has healed, He has saved, He has risen above all the negative, hateful, evil things that cloud our vision and fill our earthly home.  Why would I ever feel that I deserve more? Who are we to demand answers from God?  I guess because, sadly, that is our human-nature.  We want to know everything; but would we be able to handle all the answers to all of life's questions?  I wouldn't.

 I don't want to understand how or why all things happen, or how some people do the things they do, and the Lord takes that burden off of me, gaurds my heart and covers my eyes, and takes the burden on Himself so that I don't have to understand.  I don't need all the answers, because I have THE answer.  JESUS IS THE ANSWER!! Science, research, and people, will fail you, they will fall short, they are not always right.   Thankfully, putting your faith in the Lord, trusting in His plan, and opening your heart to Him, you will realize that worldly answers, are not always Godly answers, and that our Lord is always RIGHTeous; He will not disappoint, or fall short. 

At Bible study that night, Beth Moore was talking about how God pursues us.  This was another concept that was a little foreign to me. I had been reading the Bible, and while I was still in the Old Testement, (I believe Pastor T.J. said it best when he asked that congregation one day, If we realized how blessed we are to be living on THIS side of the Bible?) The Old Testement can be a little frightening, but Beth Moore went on to describe how much love the Lord has for us.  Each and everyone of us, He wants our hearts, He wants to take care of us, He wants to heal our broken hearts, He wants ME!  He wants YOU!  He wants to provide in a way that only he can!  It is a love like no other love imagineable.  I was blown away with this revelation!  Here I am a sinful human who falls short of God's glory every day of my life, and yet He still holds out His hand to me, to save me from drowning, He covers me with his feathers and takes hold of my heart.  He heals my soul, and humbles my mind, letting me know that He is in control, I don't need any other answers for I have His love, grace, and His mercy, He is the answer, the healer, the giver.  He is everything.

 I am so deeply touched that I have a Father that is that gracious, I can't even put into words the love He has for me.  Isn't it just amazing to think that the Lord God Almighty, is pursuing you? That the one who formed Heaven and Earth, knows your heart, your mind, your strengths, and your weaknesses?  That He has seen you on your worst days and on your best and STILL loves you despite your shortcomings?  I don't know about you, but what an AWESOME feeling!!! 

As I left Bible study last Monday and was feeling all giddy, (like a high school girl whose crush just said "hi" kind of like I am feeling now...Love does crazy things to girls!)  :)  A song came on the radio, it is called "Remind Me Who I Am" that's exactly what God was doing that day.  Reminding me who I am, and that He loves me through it all, that He took my shame, my burdens, my cross, and ultimately my place on that cross. 

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