Justin Ryker Swick

Justin Ryker Swick

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dandelion to Diamonds

I spent forever today trying to find a new blog layout that I liked.  Nothing would center, nothing seemed to really look right, and I was getting frustrated!  Until I found this one, (and finally figured out blogger templates).

 The thing I liked most about this layout was the diamonds on the side, and of course the header, but the blown dandelion pieces that turn into diamonds on the side of the page, seem to fit our story very well. Here we were in a broken life, without Justin with us, our life very well could have been like a dandelion blown into the air, no rhyme or reason where the seeds fell, being angry and bitter, full of hurt and hate, and spreading those awful things [weeds] to others; and had we relied on ourselves that would be exactly where we would be today; questioning life, things that happen, God's plan, feeling like we are living without a purpose in a life that is unfair. 

Instead, God took our dandelion seeds that were blown away and turned them into diamonnds.  Taking our anger, bittnerness, hate, and hurt, and transforming them completely into love, forgiveness, faith, peace, and joy. Giving us a story to share with others that hopefully will relieve some of their pain and replace it with peace; the same way He turned our dandelion into diamonds.

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